Hello, I'm Sean if the url didn't give it away.



Best wishes.

You kids have fun.

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by ム 甘鼠

by ム 甘鼠

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Rottweiler Appreciation Post

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I like Mega Glalie


I like Mega Glalie

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Artist: Aonik
Website: Tumblr | DeviantArt


Artist: Aonik

Website: Tumblr | DeviantArt

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Anonymous whispered, "I've had a crush on Louise for a while but I don't feel like telling her would get me anywhere since she doesn't follow me back. It sucks but I guess I just have to wait until the feelings pass."



Well this is interesting. You should probably tell me who you are so I can play matchmaker. Do I follow you back? 

I just choked on my drink. I’m sorry, what?! Who are you and also are you blind???

Louise and anon sitting in a tree~

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He is a gift.

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